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A Sexy Video Story 

I know it’s been so long since I haven’t posted any Indian sex toy story of this kind before. Since I posted the story last time, lots of things have changed in the past few months I was single and I was desperately looking for a girlfriend for some company and companionship in life.

For those people who are not aware of me, so let me introduce myself first. I am Abhishek and I am 25 years old. I am currently living in New Delhi. I have 5.7 height and have a big cock of 6 inches with big glans. The story I am going to tell you today is about how I met Anjali and how our relationship began.

This is not like any normal sex story or any romantic movie scene. I was alone and I did not have sex for about 6 to 7 months so I was longing for sex badly. One day all of a sudden I received an email from a girl named Neha Sharma from Ghaziabad. She was working in an IT company and we were both from the same profession so we became close friends within 1st week of chatting on the phone. One day while chatting she said she was feeling horny and she wanted to have sex with me, so I booked the flight from Hyderabad where I was working, to Ghaziabad. Just before I booked the flight I called her to tell her that I was coming to meet her, she cheated on me and she said she was not going to meet me. After knowing she cheated on me, I got really angry and sad and blocked her immediately.

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She was a big fan of watching hot movies and we watched lots of sex videos together on the phone. When Neha left me, I got an mail the next day from Anjali telling me that she is currently living in Bangalore and she was working as a quality auditor in one of the popular MNC companies. She mentioned that she liked my sex story and mailed me. I did not take it seriously and casually replied “Thanks” and did not respond to her after that.

Anjali was very excited to see me and she would message me daily. After Neha left me I met Sneha and we talked on the phone for 2 weeks one day she said she would like to meet me. Being heartbroken already after the first incident when Neha left me, I said I can’t trust you until I see you in real. She said “Okay” we can have a video call and I agreed. So we had a quick video call on the Hangouts app.

She looked amazing and she was tall and had a hot figure. She was wearing plain nigh tees and she got big boobs I think those must be 36. I could see her cleavage and breasts in shape from the shirt she was wearing. I said “You look beautiful” and she blushed and she said, “Would you like to meet me now?”. I was very curious to meet her. So I said let’s meet this weekend, to which she replied “Yes” we can meet this weekend I was feeling really lucky to meet her and felt glad that she emailed me.

When the weekend arrived, I took my car out and reached Bengaluru by night. I asked her where we could meet. She replied “We can meet in Cafe Coffee Day” She came there in a nice white cotton shirt and I was already turned on seeing her face to face. I started looking at her body from top to bottom and vice versa and she said “Will you please look at my face also?”. I said, “Haha! Surely”.

We started to talk about ourselves. She said she just broke up with her boyfriend and she wanted to move on. She said she does not want anyone to develop feelings for each other and said it should be easy for both to move out of the relationship. It was clear from her words that she did not want any close feelings or serious relationships. I also told her that I am looking forward to a short team relationship and she accepted it.