Sexy Dance Performance Bondage Strap Belt for Women

Sexy Dance Performance Bondage Strap Belt for Women

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100% Leather


Length from neck to waist is 35cm/13.8", and neck collar and waist are adjustable (waist adjustment size is 30cm/11.8", neck adjustment size is 12cm/4.2").


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This versatile fashion accessory is a perfect choice. It's light enough to be carried anywhere and is compact enough. 100% leather has a nice smooth appearance and can enhance any body. This leather is very soft. Perfect companion. The leather lingerie comes with our exclusive 100% FASHIONABLE guarantee.


•  Made from high-quality faux leather material

• Adjustable design for a perfect fit

• Sexy design for a stand-out look

• Metal buckle closure for a secure fit

• Sturdy straps for a comfortable feel

• Ideal for dance performances or kinky fun

How To Use

  1. Wear the Sexy Dance Performance Bondage Strap Belt around your waist and fasten the buckle to secure the belt. 
  2. Choose an outfit to match the belt. 
  3. Place a feather boa around your shoulders for a flirty touch. 
  4. Put on a pair of sexy heels to complete the look. 
  5. Put on some sultry music to set the mood. 
  6. Start with a slow, sexy dance. 
  7. Move your hips and let the belt slide back and forth. 
  8. Add some creative moves to your performance. 
  9. Use the bondage strap to tie yourself up and add a bit of dramatic flair. 
  10. Show off your flexibility by twisting and bending in different ways. 
  11. Show your confidence by slowing down or speeding up the pace of the dance. 
  12. Finish your performance with a flourish and take a bow.

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