Vibrating Nipple Pads Stimulation Massage

Vibrating Nipple Pads Stimulation Massage


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Package Include: 2 x Vibrators

1 0% Brand NEW,

Unused Size: the diameter is 7cm/2.8"

Material Very safe Medicine Silicone,

There is no harm to your body

NOTE: Working with sections 2 AG3 (or LR41) battery


Out of stock
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Note Wear proper adsorption method:

Step 1: in the center of the surface of the applicator brush a little lubricant.

Step 2: to cover the surface of the plastic blow Kazakh gas, atomization and wet the surface.

Step 3: projection head aligned with the nipple, the plastic cover on the buckle whole breast.

Step 4: After pressing fastened vertically to the breast, the bra flattened exhaust air.

Step 5: Make sure the air after discharge, bra edge and chest after completely fit, slowly release the bra, then wear bras is ready to use!

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