Yellow Sexy Handcuff

Yellow Sexy Handcuff


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100% Brand New and High quality

Material: PU Leather

Main Colors: Yellow

The inner layer is plush, soft, and comfortable

With a chain design

Its circumference is adjustable


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This classic yellow color combination leaves you with a durable and sexy cuff that won't go out of style. Excellent for both men and women for a secure bedroom bondage experience. Treat yourself to a pair of fur-lined wrist cuffs with strong metal buckles.


• Handcuffs are made from durable stainless steel with a bright yellow finish.

• Includes two keys for easy on and off.

• Features a secure double-lock system.

• Soft fabric lining for added comfort.

• Compact and lightweight design for easy storage and portability.

How To Use

  1. Begin by ensuring that the handcuffs are properly secured and not damaged.
  2. Locate the key that comes with the handcuffs and make sure it is easily accessible.
  3. If using the handcuffs on someone else, make sure they are comfortable with being restrained and establish a safe word in case they need to stop the activity.
  4. Place one cuff on one wrist, making sure it is snug but not too tight. Then, repeat with the other wrist.
  5. Once both cuffs are secured, you can use the chain or other connecting mechanism to restrain the person as desired.
  6. Always keep the key nearby in case you need to quickly release the handcuffs in case of an emergency or if the person being restrained becomes uncomfortable.
  7. After use, make sure to properly clean and disinfect the handcuffs to prevent the spread of germs or bacteria.

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