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Wrist and Ankle Restraint Set

Wrist and Ankle Restraint Set


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Under the bed wrist and ankle restraint set for full-body bondage

Universal size - stretcher can be adjusted to fit all mattresses

4 x adjustable Velcro-fastened cuffs with faux fur lining offer comfortable restraint

Easy-to-assemble design requires minimal set up

Supplied with a blindfold and door hanger.


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Experience the exhilaration of total vulnerability with the Control Freak Under the Bed Stretcher. Suitable for any size bed, the faux fur-lined wrist and ankle cuffs provide total restraint, leaving your sexual pleasure entirely in your lover's hands.

With your legs secured flat to the bed and your hands stretched high over your head, this restraint set positions you in a pose that's completely exposed. Erogenous zones are easily accessible, offering an intensely erotic experience for anyone who wants to tease their lover from head to toe.

The soft cuffs feature a smooth satin exterior and stroke ably soft faux fur lining for optimum comfort, while the fully adjustable, detachable design ensures play is safe, secure and versatile.

To use, just adjust the central strap of the stretcher until it's slightly longer than the length of your bed, then slip it under your mattress with the 2 ends coming out and over the mattress at both sides. These should comfortably reach your outstretched hands and ankles. After initial set up you can simply remove the cuffs and tuck the straps away to hide them between uses, and reattach in a jiffy when you fancy some fetish fun.

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