The Hidden Sex Trend That Is Finally Ready to Come Out for you There is one similarity between TV shows such as House of Cards, I Love Dick and Girls. They’re all featuring couples in an open relationship, or relationships where you’re having more than one romantic or sexual partner. Online adult games have also hiked with new games every now and then. But it isn’t just only about plot twists and suspense through which you keep the remote control in your hands. Apparently, a lot of Americans are showing are showing interest in polyamory in their lives, according to a study that got published in The Journal of Sex Research. For the study, Amy Moors, Ph.D., director of research of social science and also the evaluation for the Engineering College at Purdue University, think of gathered from Google Trends (which stores what people keep looking for using Google search engine) between the month of January 2006 and December 2015. (Lubricant for sex makes fun even better.) Moors would analyze the search volume for terms such as “polyamory,” “open relationships,” and “swingers,” comparing them to control a lot of keywords such as “quotes” and “Facebook”. She also discovered the fact that searches for “open relationships” and “polyamory” increased over time, while searches for “swingers” – an old-fashioned term – which also got decreased over the time. Vibrators online and lubricant for sex gels are perfect for increasing satisfaction levels.Perfect Oh-lala Session According to Moors while it isn’t exactly possible to find out the exact reason for such searches, it’s quite evident that an increasing number of people are thinking a lot about non-monogamy and would search for every possible information about it. (Sexual lubricants are fine for makeup of a perfect sex session.“Just by looking upon and analyzing search query volume of Google over the past 10 years would help us in getting access on what goes on the public’s mind, “Moors states. Unsurprisingly, a partial reason for much higher interest in open relationships remains because of their appearance on the Television. “A number of large spikes in internet searches would relate to open relationships and polyamory that are linked to renowned press and TV shows. She notes. Although she tells that it’s quite hard to say whether people are involved in Googling such info as they’re only curious about what they saw

on small screen or are also interested in trying it themselves, the topic would mostly hit public’s mind. In such study, Moors also notes that usage of Google Trends data also sets a few limitations – such as people aged over 65 are less likely to use internet, and people with annual household income within $30,000 are with less chances of having internet access then those with household income of more than $30,000 a year. So elder people and low income populations don’t have an accurate representation in the study. Sex toy for man and women would be fine for the act of stimulation After all, What’s the reason behind it? According to Moors non-monogamous relationships would widely get stigmatized and misunderstood. “Also there is no good scientific evidence for suggesting that humans are not able to love/or engage in sex with more than one person, “she tells. “In fact, through the recent works relationship quality got based on satisfaction, trust and passionate love among people who got involved in consensual non-monogamous and monogamous relationships and also found no differences.” (Sexual lubricants always heighten the pleasure of the act.) Despite such stigma, more Americans would be down to learn a lot about open relationships, Online adult games and polyamory, whether they would end up selecting such option for themselves or not. With the inclining trend the new surge in open relationships and vibrators online would also mean freedom for anyone to share relationship status.